mardi 7 novembre 2006

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EMERGENCY UN SESSION TO DENOUNCE ISRAEL ­(United Nations) The newly formed UN Human Rights Council meets today in an emergency session to consider a call by Islamic states to denounce “the Israeli targeting and killing of Palestinian civilians in Beit Hanoun while asleep.” This will mark the third emergency session in the Council’s five-month history­each of which has been against Israel. The proposed draft, if adopted, will become the new body’s fourth condemnatory resolution­each of which, again, has been against Israel. In a related story, an Israeli delegation was blocked from attending a UN-affiliated postal conference in Dubai this week, sparking protests from a UN and an American delegation. The four-member Israeli delegation, headed by the country’s postal director, was turned back by immigration officials at Dubai International Airport on Nov. 13 because “they lacked visas”, officials said.
(UN Watch, Nov. 14; Jerusalem Post, Nov. 15)

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