vendredi 18 avril 2008

Le vrai langage de l'OLP, Abbas, et Kaddafi

Certains se demandent pourquoi les Israéliens n'arrivent pas à faire confiance aux Palestiniens ? Après tout, puisqu'ils sont les plus forts c'est à eux de faire les premières douloureuses concessions. Voici, quelques éléments (il en existe des milliers d'autres) qui peuvent expliquer le manque de confiance et l'extrême prudence des Israéliens.

D'abord un extrait du discours de l'ambassadeur de l'OLP au Liban :

“Just last week, the PLO ambassador to Lebanon Abbas Zaki restated the PLO's aim of destroying Israel in an interview with Lebanese television. In Zaki's words, ‘The PLO... has not changed its platform even one iota.’ That platform, to destroy Israel in stages, remains the objective of the PLO. He continued, 'In light of the weakness of the Arab nation and the lack of values, and in light of the American control over the world, the PLO proceeds through phases, without changing its strategy. Let me tell you, when the ideology of Israel collapses, and we take, at least, Jerusalem, the Israeli ideology will collapse in its entirety, and we will begin to progress with our own ideology, Allah willing, and drive them out of all of Palestine.’”—Caroline Glick, quoting the PLO ambassador to Lebanon, Abbas Zaki, to highlight the misguided Israeli assumption that Fatah would eventually transform the PLO and Palestinian society from a “terror-supporting society to a terror-combating society.” (Jerusalem Post, April 14)

Vous comprenez mieux la différence entre ce qui est dit dans les médias pour consommation en occident et les vrais objectifs des Palestiniens. On peut se fermer les yeux, dire qu'il ne voulait pas vraiment dire cela, mais à un moment il faut être juste lucide, écouter l'autre camp et le prendre au sérieux même si ça fait peur.

Maintenant regardons un peu ce que fait le "gentil" Abbas ce grand "modéré" :

On the eve of the anniversary of the horrific 2002 Passover massacre in Netanya's Park Hotel, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has delivered a stinging reminder that "moderacy" on the Palestinian side is a relative term.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the Al Quds Mark of Honor, the PLO's highest medal, will be given to two female terrorists who helped kill Israelis.

Ahlam Tamimi, a Hamas-linked terrorist in prison for assisting the suicide bomber who killed at least six people in the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem, and Amra Muna, who seduced Ophir Rahum over the Internet and then lured him to Ramallah to be murdered, will be awarded the medal.

Conferring the Al Quds Mark of Honor is decided at the discretion of the Palestinian Authority's president, and he alone has the final say when choosing the Palestinians to be honored with the medal.

It is highly unlikely that this appalling story will be covered by the mainstream media, which regularly describes Abbas as a "moderate". While this may be true in comparison with the absolute fanaticism of Hamas, this incident is yet another demonstration of how the media is too quick to cast Palestinian leaders in these terms.

Abbas, as recently as February, did not rule out returning to the path of armed "resistance" against Israel and took pride in the fact that he had been the first to fire on Israel and that his organization had trained Hezbollah. This, in addition to his history of Holocaust denial.

Sympa Abbas non ? Je pense que c'est vraiment quelqu'un à qui on peut faire confiance.

Et maintenant un peu de Kaddafi. Lui veut raser Israël, ou du moins supprimer toutes velléités d'indépendance du peuple Juif en Israël. Par contre, il fait un super discours qui fait frémir et rire jaune les petits dictateurs de la ligue arabe. Il s'appuie sur une logique implacable que beaucoup de supporter de la cause palestinienne devrait méditer.

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